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As a valued Client, we would like to offer you a secure, protected, user friendly CCH iFirm client portal, which will enable the transfer, storage and access to your tax returns and financial documents.


The Client Portal can be used to easily transfer information back and forth between yourself and our firm.  You can log in to the Portal from anywhere that you have internet access.  


The Portal offers a high level of security and the ability to transfer larger volume of data when compared with email systems.  CCH iFirm allows us to work together efficiently by securely exchanging working documents; scanned receipts; and very large accounting files such as MYOB and Reckon.


The Client Portal has the option for Electronic Signage of Income Tax Returns which you can easily access, sign and upload.  This is a much faster and simpler method than scanning and emailing them back to us for lodgement.


Should you have separate entities, registration will be required for each entity using the same email address.  We have included two links that explain clear and simple instructions on "How to use the Portal".


1.         How to use the Portal :-


2.         How to Sign Documents :-


If you wish to have access to your online Portal, please activate your account when you receive an email inviting you to register with our client portal.  This is simple and just requires clicking on the link to register.


If you wish to opt out of our Client Portal, please send an email to to notify us.  We will email or send documents in the post as per previous years.





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