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After seeing the sharpest decline in activity since the Great Depression and emerging from the volatility of 2020, we looked to 2021 for a bounce-back across our economies and were not disappointed. With more stability across the board, it makes planning for a successful 2022 even more recommended. We hope you are all doing well - please reach out to us if you have any questions, or if there is anything we can do to help. 

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Thomas Davis & Co Update

New this month:
  • ATO Medicare exemption data-matching continues
  • Building delays may cost you in more ways than one 
  • Cryptocurrency scams on the rise 
  • Take care with small business CGT concessions
  • ATO concerns on luxury car tax
  • Up and coming changes to Super
  • SMSF trustees: a reminder to apply for director IDs
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What is Windfall Gains Tax and what does it mean for property owners? 

By Morrows. Ever heard of Windfall Gains Tax before? The Victorian Parliament are looking into a tax based on the Windfall Gain property owners receive from improved zoning. Here's a great article with an example to highlight the consideration.
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Important Family Court Changes 2021 

By Johnston Withers. The Federal Circuit and Family Court Australia (FCFCOA) was created to alleviate the cost, complexity and delay families were experiencing under the previous two-court system. Some of the key changes are highlighted here!

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Oreon Client Story: Peter Karounos 

By Oreon Partners. "They've taken the stress of managing my finances away and enabled me to focus on my core business."

Business structures and financial management are important no matter your size and its crucial to have the right partners for you and your goals. Learn more about Peter's journey!

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Morrows Legal Special Counsel Russell Krupp is now an Accredited Specialist in Taxation Law
Demystifying the Employee vs Contractor Confusion 
Four practical ways to cut down your overhead costs
Time expires to challenge Fiji's "No Jab No Job" law