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The release of the 2021-22 Australian Budget this month sees an attempt at maintaining the momentum of the economic recovery, with support packages across the board to be utilised. We hope you are all doing well - please reach out to us if you have any questions, or if there is anything we can do to help.

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Thomas Davis & Co Update

New this month:
  • Don't jump the gun and lodge too early 
  • How Covid-19 has changed work-related expenses 
  • ATO data-matching targets rental property owners 
  • Can I be released from my tax debts? 
  • ATO's discretion to retain refunds extends to income tax 2021 
  • FBT returns are due 
  • Beware: phishing and investment scams on the rise
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The 2021-22 Australian Federal Budget 

By Morrows. Australia is in an advantageous position globally, with COVID-19 under control and an economy that has rebounded more than expected largely due to massive stimulus. Our 2021-22 federal budget was recently delivered and continues to deliver large stimulus that can support you and your business. Some of the big-ticket items are included here however please contact an advisor before taking action.
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Oreon Client Success Story: Pink Carat 

By Oreon Partners. Competing with online jewelers and educating clients on product quality, Pink Carat have managed to have consistent success in the last 7 years of business, growing from one part-time employee to 5 full-time staff! Learn from their successes!

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Forecasting – Preparing Your Business for Success 

By mckinley plowman. One of the many prevailing lessons businesses have learned in the last year is that uncertainty is often present. Forecasting can help cut through the uncertainty, preparing your business for a wide range of future outcomes, enabling you to have the structure and preparedness to go from success to success.

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